Fleet Management

Mtrack Company Limited has a Fleet Management System powered by a comprehensive GPS-based advanced telematics system designed for tracking and managing fleets of over 50,000 vehicles.

It can be customized to fit the business needs of a wide range of companies in diverse industries: Corporate executive fleets, nationwide commercial fleets, such as:  telecom services, food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies,  oil companies – to name just a few; plus, road haulage fleets, suppliers, courier companies, express services, utility companies, as well as smaller, localized service providers, such as: construction firms, municipal public works fleets, ambulance fleets, and more.

Mtrack Company Limited Fleet Management can provide Business Intelligence that allows fleet managers to achieve a wide range of operational efficiencies  – maximizing fuel economy, minimizing driver/labor costs, extending fleet vehicle life cycle,  optimizing customer service, and ultimately boosting your business’ productivity and profitability.